Molé Mama’s Potato Chip Confessions

Potato chips have telepathic powers and speak to me once inside my house. They place me under a mesmerizing spell and before I know what’s happened, I’m standing in our kitchen using my hands to shovel chips into my mouth.  I awake licking salt from my fingers, with the empty bag on the counter. Why? Why can’t I find an antidote for their ridiculous spell?

I don’t buy potato chips anymore because I fear them, but occasionally Sean or one of my sons will bring them into the house, and well you already know what happens while everyone is sleeping.

Tortilla chips are so well mannered. I’ve had more than 12 bags stored in the pantry all at once and they never call out to me. They patiently wait for the guacamole, salsa and our guests to gobble them up.

Do any of you have foods that know your name and place you under a spell? And more importantly have you been able to beat them at their little tricks? If yes, can you please tell me the antidote, I need help.

Big hugs,

Molé Mama