Molé Mama's Chorizo Con Papas Chimichangas

Chorizo Con Papas Chimichangas
Chorizo Con Papas Chimichangas

Chorizo con papas (spicy pork sausage with potatoes) is one of my favorite all time recipes and I’ve never seen it on the menu in any Mexican restaurants. It’s truly a recipe made at home by countless Mexican mamas.

My mother made us chorizo con papas regularly and on special occasions she’d go the extra mile and make them into mouth-watering Chimichangas.  What makes Chimichangas so special? Stuff chorizo con papas and cheddar cheese into a flour tortilla and fry it until golden brown.  –That’s what.

Chimichangas are versatile and are great for lunch and make a great appetizer for dinner parties. But be careful they are quite filling and addictive. I’ve had countless guests unable to eat dinner because they’ve had too many Chimichangas and were not able to practice Chimichanga portion control. If your fortunate to have any left over, they will reheat nicely in a toaster oven.

Chorizo is sold in most supermarkets but the best chorizo can be found in little Latin markets from the meat counter. And if available the very best option is chorizo suelto (which means loose or in this instance no sausage casing).

Good chorizo is so spectacular that I’ve known someone that has actually used it as a gift when courting the man of her dreams. Sorry but I can’t share her name, but I know that she successfully got him and things are going quite well for us. So see it’s even a good foundation for a great relationship.

Big hugs,

Molé Mama