Episode 32: Fabulous Cookie Artist AliciasDelicias

She won CakeWars, made cookies for Disney's, Coco while caring for a special needs child. Alicia is a remarkable entrepreneur and mama!

Visit AliciasDelicias website and instagram accounts to be inspired and purchase her cookie art.

Episode 16: Samatha Regalado, It's in the Filling's Founder, Shares Her Inspiring Journey

Tune in for all the fun and bring snacks or eat prior to listening! This show will make you HUNGRY and drive you to search for cupcakes, cookies and cakes!

Go to It’s in the Filling’s instagram page to order her yummy treats!

Episode 11: Outrageously Talented Cake Artist Leslie Vigil

Several years ago Leslie decided to change the course of her life, embraced her creativity and became a cake artist. She's been featured in Better Homes and Gardens, Food & Wine Magazine, and many others. Leslie's nature-inspired designs are jaw dropping and are driving new trends. During their pleasant chat Leslie explains her inspiring journey, and plans for the future. Grab snacks or eat before listening because this show will make you hungry!

Follow Leslie on instagram to order her amazing edible art and be inspired!