Episode 39: Don Pilar tequilas and restaurants! Be inspired by this Mexican American entrepreneur and his premium tequilas.

Juan Carlos Contreras, Don Pilar's son chats with Molé Mama about his father's extraordinary journey. Listen and learn how he's built a family business with staying power, full of love and passion! Warning you may find yourself buying a bottle of Don Pilar exquisite tequila and eating tacos and burritos following our show!

Don Pilar in his fields!

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Episode 36: Molé Mama & Mexi Papa Adventures

Are you looking for the best tacos, burritos, enchiladas and Mexican food in your city? Mexi Papa Adventures, shares his inspiring journey, how he gives his Mexi Papa Approve ratings for the best food in your town! 

Mexi Papa Approve

Mexi Papa Approve

Episode 4: Molé Mama Shares Her Sweet Mama's Yummy Crunchy Taco Recipe

Mama shares her love of crunchy tacos, how to make them at home and some tall tales of their yumminess having the ability to make everything better including being chased by a 2000 pound pull; this is a true story! Eating before listening to our show is highly recommended because it will make you hungry and most definitely make you crave tacos, guacamole, Spanish Rice and so much more.

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Episode 3: Molé Mama Chats with Andrea, Founder of Our Super Stories

Andrea and her family recently hit the road in their RV and are touring the US and connectingwith families everywhere with her yummy home-made Mexican food. She shares her inspiringstory of following her dreams, the beauty of learning to cook with her in-laws, her commitment toher familia and the love she pours into every recipe she makes. Eating before listening to ourshow is highly recommended because it will make you hungry and possibly craving tacos,tortillas and so much more.

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